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Find Your Total Balance

Your Body, Your Health, the Way You Want It


"Getting in shape should not be about killing yourself in the gym, feeling guilty over what you eat and/or feeling pressured to be someone else.  Life is hard enough with all of the daily struggles, challenges and chaos. Now is the time to put yourself first so that you can be the person who feels great about themselves and their body. I want to help those who are Ready, Willing and Able take charge of their fitness and nutrition journey towards lasting and sustainable results. "

- Coach Elyse

A little background:

After some sports injuries and a major car accident followed by various physical therapy treatments, I was introduced to the correct way to train your body with proper form and discipline. I became an ACE certified personal trainer and started training clients at my local gym. I got married and continued training clients through sessions and group fitness classes. I trained clients and myself throughout all 3 of my pregnancies, right up to my due dates. I chose to study more on the Prenatal and Postnatal side of exercise so that I could help teach and guide women through fitness as the entered motherhood and had to learn how to juggle this new chapter while still finding time for themselves. I incorporate functional and stability exercises in my workouts as well as strength and endurance. I also specialize in teaching women< especially Mothers, how to properly and effectively heal their diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and build a functional core.  Learning to have a functional strong core helps you have a flatter tummy. 

What every woman wants, right?! 

I want to help you find the right type of balance for your health and your fitness needs. I am a Mom of 3 very active kids so BELIEVE ME, I know what it means to be BUSY and have NO TIME!! I have just learned to make it work because it is IMPORTANT TO ME, MY HEALTH & the HEALTH OF MY FAMILY. 

I KNOW through experience that Any Type of Movement makes you Feel Better, Elevates your Mood, Makes your Body Stronger and Gives you the Will to take on tougher challenges. For me I want to live with LESS PAIN.  I want to FEEL STRONG. I want to STAY ACTIVE. We are capable to more than we know. So let's take this journey together because I want to help.

Besides being a personal trainer, I am also a Certified Precision Nutrition PN1 and PN2 (master in training) Nutrition Coach. I teach healthy lifestyle habits that are small, simple and do-able for any lifestyle and schedule which in turn learn to SUSTAINABLE RESULTS.  I teach how to break the chains of Yo-Yo Dieting and learn to UN-DIET to reach your nutrition and weight loss goals.  

LISTEN: Learning how to eat, live healthy, and be active is VITAL to wellness. I suffer daily from pain due to being multi-joint hypermobile plus car accident injuries. I also have Barrett's Esophagus and Crohn's Disease, so GUT HEALTH is MAJOR for my wellbeing to live with less flare ups and inflammation.  

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